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Art made from office waste

Officell = Office + cell


Light on office waste


It is said that industrial waste amounts to 400 million tons per year, and it has become a social problem in maintaining the global environment. I create works based on the art concept of liberation (= Power of Rebirth).


We will exhibit at ARTISTS'FAIR KYOTO2024


Taiki Kusakabe, Miru Ohmori, and Kazu Ikegami will be exhibiting as Officell as a temporary unit at the "Kyoto Artist'Fair 2024" sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, which will be held from March 1st (Friday) to March 3rd (Sunday), 2024. Three people who are active as individual artists will come together to express themselves to the fullest through office waste art.

スクリーンショット 2024-02-06 13.50.45.jpg

株式会社オフィスバスターズ社のSpace Reborne

Office space reborne for Office Busters's reflesh room

We succeeded in transforming a 20-tsubo in-house refreshment space that lacked color into a space full of design by using office waste.
Whach video
スクリーンショット 2024-02-06 15.18.36.jpg

Supported by Office Busters Group


Our works at Officell are made using office waste materials provided by Office Busters Co., Ltd., whose mission is to "create a circular general trading company that leads global circulation." Office Busters is one of Japan's largest used office furniture sales companies that aims to improve office environments and the global environment through the reuse and sale of used furniture. Additionally, as part of its CSR activities, the company supports artists by providing them with materials and a place to create their works.

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